chopper ideas

So I’m planning to build another custom motorcycle. My previous effort was mostly successful. Though I do regret selling it, that was the right decision at the time.
Today I revisited an idea that came to be while I still had the last bike, but was unable to implement on it, because that would have require too much extensive modification.
The idea is to have steering operated by a joystick, like in an airplane. Now obviously, this will be a ground-based vehicle, so the forward-back motion is superfluous. But I had a great time hand-shifting my previous bike. I could utilize the forward-back motion of the stick to actuate the gear-shift mechanism. Now of course this design would have a number of points of failure, and one fewer mitigating element, given that my left hand would not be engaged in steering, as it would be on a dedicated throttle lever. I would likely have to make the throttle not automatically return, or else both my hands would be locked into position while moving. Having a hand able to be free is fairly important while driving a bike, as I have learned in my years riding. Helmet adjustment, zippers, and communication are all things that might require a hand off the controls, one side or the other. A throttle lock is dangerous because the bike can continue on with no rider, should I be unseated. However, I think the bucket-style seating I envision for this would would mitigate that somewhat. And I could have the throttle perhaps be normally on a spring-return, but with a toggle-able lock. The steering should have a detent at center forward-back to prevent any accidental shifting, or placing of undo stress upon the shift mechanism.