pizza report

I have climbed back upon the wagon. the wagon here being my slow-carb diet. Not a particularly difficult wagon to ride upon.
Though the office I work in is frequently rife with so-called cheat food, I prepare and pack my lunches for the week ahead of time, and portion them sufficiently that I am not tempted overly-much.

There is more significant temptation after work as the standard evening food provided is pizza. I love pizza. Especially when it comes from the hut of pizza. Of course the local pizzeria’s artisinal pie has some greater degree of quality, I have no particular disfavor with the franchises. At least this one.

So last night at my user group, a quartet of pizzas was delivered to feed only myself and the single attendee. Temptation was also in attendance.

But I had packed a salad for dinner, and ate it. Whilst scooping the food which my food eats into my mouth, Devlin offered to do me a favor. Not exactly in those words, but he asked me to email him and tell him how much pizza I ate at my user group. Providing accountability for me in sticking to my diet. I had steeled myself to resist the delicious slab of cars, salt, and fat. But it was nice to have the extra safeguard on my willpower. Knowing i’d have to stand there and face the stink-eye if I faltered and imbibed of the forbidden fruit. I’d seen that face before.

And to my nearest recollection, it looked like this: