carbs tempt me

I’m never one to complain about free food. Living for years as a poor college student, and then for several more years as a poor millenial have tought me one thing:

Never turn down free food.

So we had a lunch meeting yesterday. Utilizing a group ordering system for everyone to get the kind of sandwich they want. I was feeling quite hungry while arranging the kind of sandwich I wanted. I do love me some meats in between halves of bread. But I’m doing no carb. Having to check the box to get myself a lettuce wrap instead of proper sandwich was very difficult. After having rationalized a good reason to eat the forbidden carbs, I preparred to proceed with my contribution to the group order. Then it asked me to input payment information. Previously these orders had all been comped by my workplace. This threw me for a loop. I went back just in case I clicked the wrong link and ended up at the non-group order system. Redoing my order, I found myself facing a payment screen again. Ok, fine. But this repeat of the decision forced me to reconsider the choice to break my promise to myself. I was cowed by the shame of my weakness and returned to the correct path. Input my information, as I had not bought a lunch for today, and then went back to work.

Then a few minutes later, I get another group order email, with a note that the previous one was cancelled and that this one would be comped. Happy to not have to pay, but now I faced the temptation again. I had to repeat my emotional rollercoaster ride through the menu ordering system and click the dreaded ‘fake sandwich’ button.
Fortunately, this time I was able to keep from thinking about it too much, and did not choose poorly even the one time.