new achievement

When i mention 3D modeling, I’ll usually clarify my ability by saying I do Engineering-type modeling. I distinguish that from the other kind of modeling, which I call “organic” modeling.

To explain: when I make a 3D model of a part I wish to print, I use software to describe its shape by way of regular hedrons and dimensions.
I could not describe a shape of an organic nature this way. A model of a face, for example, does not conform to simple shapes and dimensions. So how can there be a 3D model of a face, or entire body, or any other ‘organic’ construct? The same way an integral approximates the area under a curve. A plethora of tiny polygons(triangles, to be precise) describe points in 3 dimensional space that comprise the organic construct. At sufficient resolution, it is indistinguishable.

Artists and Engineers both put images on paper, but the skillsets are different.

I have practice and experience in the latter. I have most of the software tools needed to do artistic or organic modeling, but no practice at it.

I mention this to give weight to what is my most recent accomplishment in the realm of 3d printing. An organic shape which I can be proud of.

While I cannot claim credit for the source of the construct, I am the one responsible for scanning it, digitizing that scan, and cleaning and converting it to a printable 3D model. It was not an easy task.

And then I combined that organic shape with my standard test object, a 1” Companion Cube from the video game Portal.