unpopular opinion

So I was having a discussion with a trusted individual. the topics ranged in many directions but we are of different sides of a fairly significant position.

Our disagreement does not diminish my respect for this person. My feelings in the actuall matter have not changed, however.

I’m writing about it now because I have further supporting evidence for my side, and rather than get it out a sentence at a time and risk derailment of my thoughts, I’ll argue here.
Like having an argument in the shower afterwards, I am guaranteed to win this one. So that’s another reason.

The issue at hand is issue. Offspring. Progeny. Failed abortions.

Sorry. I couldn’t resist. My position is not in favor of reproducing. Ever. I foresee absolutely no benefit to be gained from procreating.
To summarize my previous statements in support of this position: children are expensive in terms of both time and money, both of which I am already lacking in.
As a former child, I know for certain that I cost both of my parents greatly in both of those regards. Not to mention the emotional distress my misspent youth brought upon them.
I cannot speak with any first-person persective in the matter as I have not any children. I have only worked with them in the capacity of babysitter and glorified babysitter in a swimsuit(Lifeguard). Just those two brief experiences have soured me on any and all experiences with small humans.
My conversational adversary used the good word to support the position opposite mine. And well, that’s never really been enough to sway me.
At the risk of getting off-topic, “the bible says” is basically an immediate discrediting of whatever statement follows, at least in my mind. And don’t get my wrong, its not because I don’t believe. I believe like a sonofabitch. But I have also done the hard work to understand the context in which those words were written thousands of years ago, and the meaning of the original language in which they were orally handed down(old testament) and then actually inscribed into many different languages, then concatenated and collated into one book of books. If provided with the context, interpretation, and varying different meanings of a passage, then maybe it could sway me. But we only spoke on this matter for 15 minutes or so.

I wrote all of that so I could write this; the new supporting statements for the position I defended yesterday. And I know that people in meatspace can read this. This blog is not anonymous. Hell, my name is right up at the top of the page. So I accept the reality that I’m outing myself with the following. Whatever.

At the risk of sounding like a doomsayer or fearmonger, the planet is in bad shape. Global warming is making bad stuff happen, and its only getting worse. And we aint doing nothing to fix it. Odds are, I’ll be dead before the real suffering starts, but someone born today? They’ll have to live through it. or live until it happens. That is assuming that a nanorobot infection, nuclear war, or AI-triggered apocalypse doesn’t kill everybody first. We have come so very close in the last 50 years. I’d just as soon spare my children such a fate.
I do not want to have children because I think life is bad. I’m doing reasonably well now on my medication, but it’s been 30 years. Good for a little while, recently but was bad for like a long time before that. Net loss is what I see. By my reckoning, not having been born in the first place would have been better. I don’t hate my parents for following the biological imperative and procreating, but I did, once.
There is nothing productive to be gained for holding a grudge against someone for something they did so long ago, even if the effects are still being felt today. The only thing one can do is learn from the mistake and try not to repeat it in the future.

For the most part, I don’t focus on these issues. They’re here. There isn’t much I can do about them. I can’t afford an electric car, but my motorcycle is more effecient than driving around in a giant lifted compensating truck. Medication and therapy are handling the emotional situation, but can’t change the past.
Of course if I could change the past, I could go back and prevent my parents from meeting each other and then that would solve this problem, wouldn’t it?
Assuming, of course, that it didn’t cause a time paradox the results of which could be a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe. Granted, that’s a worst-case scenario. The destruction might indeed be very localized, limited to our own galaxy.