so last sunday I did something I haven’t done in at least a decade.
I mowed a lawn. Renting an apartment meant that the landlord did it. Usually when renting a house I’d just use the same service they had when it was unoccupied.
But I’m a homeowner now. I priced out a set of electric tools(having no interest in maintaining small gas engines), and realized they would pay for themselves in under a year. The service I was using charges about $35 per visit. I have to assume that’s comprable where I live now. They come every 2 weeks or so.
Then I come to a problem: I don’t know what a lawn is supposed to look like. Green grass, sure. But past that?
how many leaves are acceptable to have on it? If there is wind I can’t rightly make that number 0. What is the proper length to cut it at? How often should I cut it? Do I use the ‘mulching’ cuter and let the trimmings sit to fertilize the grass?

The whole time I was mowing my lawn, I examined my neighbors yards to try and figure out how to get it to closely match theirs.
Fortunately my backyard is paved, so I only have a small space to maintain out front. And I used the blower to get all the leaves and debris off the paved surface out back, so it looks a lot cleaner. Though the next day the wind had put much of it back. I’ll have to find a way to deal with the gathered debris