So yesterday I hung some pegboard in my garage. I intend to do all 3 walls in it, for both storage availability and lighting. White will reflect better than brown or black, which the walls currently are(bare studs with some kind of insulating wrap on the plywood in between).
It was exhausting because I was doing it by my onesy and because I have a lot of boxed junk pushed up against the walls. Without pegboard, I can’t hang my tools, so I can’t unpack them, and they’re in the way of hanging pegboard. Almost a catch-22, but there is room to shuffle stuff around. So I move shit out of the way, hang a section, move the shit that blocks the next area to in front of that now-hung board, and hang the next. The procedure is tedious and quite tiring.

So after I did that for half the walls, I moved on to the other project I had for the evening. A standing desk riser. I measured my workspace, and figured I would need about 3ft by 2ft and 15” tall to get the correct positioning. I had some scrap plywood. Some bits of kinda-nice sanded ply left in the garage from the previous resident, and my shelves which were 6ft by 2ft. I decided on the 3/8 rough ply because I could double it up and have a stronger end product. Also the sanded stuff was cut wonky, so I’d need 2 cuts to get it square, vs just 1 for the 6’ piece. I used #12 screws, which are very strong, but also big, and every one needs to be pre-drilled into the 2x4 and the plywood, or else risk splitting because I’m so close to the edges. And I did counter-sink drilling for the plywood so it will look nice. So every screw had a countersink, then clearance hole, then got driven. The process was incredibly tedious, and my right arm has lingering soreness from I think maybe it had tennis elbow a while ago. Also moving heavy furniture and the house fixed and things I’d done on the weekend. To suffice, my right arm and shoulder was killing me by the time I was done. But I had my desk riser. I gave it a quick sand around the corners so not to get splinters, but I didn’t have the energy for more.

Woke up slightly early today to find my breakfast was still frozen, so I decided to skip it and grab an egg thing at starbucks on the way to work. ALso allowed me to get to work early enough to get the parking space I like, and get my monitor arm installed on my riser and everything set up just about the time I’d usually get into the office. Things seemed to be going kinda well. Then Devlin noticed my new position.

“You look taller” he said. And then came over to my area to see what I’d built. I mentioned that it cost me nothing(scrap wood and leftover fasteners) and I did it in 45 minutes. Minimum viable product and quickest time to market. In our industry those qualities matter.

Later in the kitchen devlin told me that it had to go. ‘Unfinished wood’ doesn’t work with the office’s motif. Despite the wood-grain veneer on the tops of our desks matching the shade of my plywood and dimensional lumber.
“The office is marketing” he said. “Get with christina and do something like she has. It needs to match.”

Honestly it shouldn’t upset me. He did offer to pay for the replacement. And her thing is slightly nicer than mine, and might work better. I guess what is upsetting is the fact that I made something and senpai’s reaction was effectively this:

So not only is it not good enough, he had to say it unbidden. Like if your shown something that is objectively crap by someone, and they ask you what you think, I would respect the time they put in, or how much they care about it, and be like ‘cool, bro.’ Maybe if they push me for honest feedback, I’d give some constructive criticism. But you don’t just come out and tell your retarded kindergardnet that their crayon drawing isn’t going in the Louvre. I realize the comparison I made just now, and I did this as quickly as possible, with stuff I had lying around. It also a piece of furniture, so the amount which i can care about it is already limited. But given those caveats it still bothers me. To an unacceptable degree.

A number of possible response went through my head.
I did check, and christina’s riser is a Lack coffee table from Ikea, cut down to the right height for her to work standing. I could pick one up on my way back from therapy today, swing by the house and cut it to size and be back at work in like an hour. $30 isn’t that much money.
I also considered dramatically throwing my shit away. I could perch my on the big trash can and make a statement. Idk how much of an impact such a statement would have.
I could also passively refuse. Delay. I am very busy. I meant to do this thing weeks ago, and only just got around to it yesterday.
Honestly at present the number of responses open to me have given me executive paralysis.

idk what i’m going to do.

PS I disabled RSS in the commit for this post. Idk if that works, but it is my intent not to have this included in the aggregated feed which my blog is part of. Mostly because my co-workers read this, and names are named. Hell I can’t even make eye contact with him, and not for the normal reason of my bizarre and unexplained man-crush or whatever it is. I’m afraid to really examine it even to figure out what the hell is going on there.