better with boobs

Warning: NSFW

I am a pervert
and now that I have your attention…

I am a pervert. Or am I?
The definition of pervert is to alter from proper course or to have sexual desires that are abnormal or repulsive.
I do not consider my desires to be…unnatural.

Unconventional? maybe.

Unsusal? Perhaps.

Less than vanilla? I’d like to think so.

Nothink wrong with vanilla, but there are just so many other flavors of ice cream to try.
now where was I? oh right, pervert.

I say that I am a pervert because I like boobs. Breasts, mammaries, any plural noun
I think any given thing is made better by having them. My favorite episode of the tv show South Park is S12E03 Major Boobage.
An homage to movie Heavy Metal, one taking its explicit depiction of the female body to ridiculous ends.
Par for the course for a satire cartoon, really.

I have often described the inner workings of my mind as resembling the shared hallucinatory world in that show.
Yes, the one where everything is boob-shaped, or covered with boobs. Descriptions really fall flat. Go watch the episode.

I think that everything is better with boobs. To that end, I have taken the time to utilize a Kinect and some rather cumbersome software to take a 3d scan of my favorite set of secondary sexual characterristics of my favorite person. The point of which being to reproduce the 3d scan as a 3d model and then 3d print it.

And I don’t intend to just 3d print this model on its own. After all, I can’t bring myself to 3d print useless trinkets. Form follows function. So when I have a function filled by a 3d printed part, then I can consider its form.
In other words, I stick boobs on everything I can.

From a joystick,

to a calibration cube,

to a new shift knob for my car.

I don’t really see this as abhorrent. Certainly not repulsive. I don’t consider my preference for certain aspects of anatomy to be unacceptable.
So really it’s not perverse, and I’m not a pervert. I’m just honest about what I find beautiful, and choose to produce artistic creations that are both functional and share resemblance to that which I find beautiful.