home theater update

Having now finished wiring up the home cinema system, I can report that the flat black walls and ceiling are phenomenal.
Upon first turning on the projector, I remarked to my wife that it felt like being inside of a television.
The walls and ceiling fall away and disappear when anything but a black screen is shown. If you really look for them, you can see in brighter shots.
I call this project a success. There are some tweaks and improvements that could be made, as always, but now nothing distracts from the viewing of things on the big screen.
I find this to be an improvement on a commercial theater, other patrons and their smartphone use notwithstanding. Even with the house lights down, the emergency floor lighting is there, the fire exit signs are lit up.
In low light, the room feels like an infinite abyss, as the walls and ceiling cannot be resolved. Magnificent.