shopping followup

So I wrote a nice letter to harbor freight. I really wasn’t complaining about what happened. Maybe they interpreted it that way when I mentioned that the first store I went to was delayed opening by an hour.

The manager of that store called me last thursday. He apologized for the delayed opening and told me to come to his store with my receipt for a 15% refund on what I bought at the other store. I was quite taken aback. I bought kind of a lot of stuff at the other store. The trailer alone was $350. with a coupon.
But I’m not about to turn down free money. I thought maybe if they were gonna be cheesy, they would do it on just the cheapest thing I ordered. Nope. they did my whole order. I got almost $100 back just for taking the trouble to go let them make the restitution. For all the reputation harbor freight has of selling crappy tools, they have excellent customer service. I’d write this into another nice letter to them, but I’m almost afraid they’ll think its a complaint and try to give me money back again.