I originally title this post ‘bigfoot woes’ intending to write about the difficulties i’d been having with the 3d printer, but i’ve gotten it to a state of working.
In my general trend of dropping projects, i did consider dropping this one but decided to stand my ground, figuratively speaking. I’ve sunk so much time and effort and money into bigfoot, and it is so very close to reaching its desired state of functionality, I had to press on.
And i like being able to say “I designed my own 3d printer.” without that catch of “but it didn’t work well enough so i trashed it.” the way I have to say “I built my own frame-up chopper motorcycle, but have since sold it.”
I do wish i could get my chopper back as now i have the money to both buy and upkeep it. But selling it was the right thing to do at the time.

Bigfoot is now working. I need to put it in an enclosure and set up proper filament feed, but the functionality of both extruders has been verified. Slicing settings also need to be dialed in, at least for the big nozzle. And i might go down to the .8. the 1.2 may be just too much nozzle.

I titled this ‘perserverance’ because that is what it took to get bigfoot to this point. Call it bull-headedness, call it dogged refusal to give in, call it a waste of money, and you’ll hit close to the mark with any of those. But it works. I get to put a check in the box instead of an X.