So icebreaker sent me a new match for this week. You’ll never guess who it is…
The big D.
El presidente.
the big cheese.
Khal Drogo.
i could go on making up names but for real, he’s kind of a big deal.
In case you’re wondering, Icebreaker is an app on our microsoft Teams server than matches you with a random Improver every week for a casual conversation. The kind of conversation you won’t get due to the quarantine currently happening.
I’m tempted to ignore it because I already know Devlin. We have conversated before. But that isn’t in the spirit of the game. And I know he needs interaction in very much the same way that I do not. Or at least I do not need it to the same degree. When shannon was gone, I craved interaction, but she is not gone at the moment. I get my fix from her just living here in my house.
In other news, I’m up 4 pounds from the long weekend, during which neither diet was upheld, as usually happens on long weekends or other holidays. Four pounds is not so bad. I’m sure i’ll be back down closer to my last progress weight within a few days. I get a swing of 5 pounds or so just day to day based on what time i step on the scale.
The loss of Pixel is still quite raw. Shannon is especially affected. I gave some thought to getting a second dog to try and fill the hole, but I don’t know if our house will be satisfactory for the placement agency for retired racing greyhounds. That’s the kind of dog i want. A 40mph couch potato. But they need room to zoom, and our backyard is paved.
Maybe a smaller dog. But i don’t want some yappy little nuisance, or silly frufru dog. I basically want something like a cat. sleeps a lot, good at snuggling. Servo is the ideal dog, but for some reason doesn’t care for me. Thinks shannon is the alpha(WRONG). Given my being home 24/7 with the quarantine, I think i could imprint upon a new dog and have it correctly identify me as the alpha male in this house. And no, i don’t want a puppy. Not interested in trying to potty-train. I want a potty-trained dog. I don’t need obedience trained, in fact i rather prefer to handle that, so then I can give the dog a better name. I’ve never kept the names our pets have had when we got them. Jed, Tonka, and Midnight? please. Pixel, Dvorak, and Servo are much better names. Megabyte came from the street, so he had no name. Or maybe he did with his previous owners, but i don’t remember what it was. Either way, it was not as good of a name as the one we gave him.