Going good on habits so far. haven’t missed a one of them since i started the daily blog-writing. That includes the daily blog-writing habit. I think being accountable here is a good support for maintaining habits.

had a good talk with devlin yesterday. Found out i’m rolling off my current client. I had thought I would be here for much longer, but the situation with oil prices being so low is trickling down to this client so it shouldn’t be surprising.
I fear the bench even though Devlin says I shouldn’t. Nhan was let go from the bench. But there are “no layoffs planned” for the foreseeable future. And Devlin said there would be a conversation well in advance of me being let go so I really shouldn’t worry.
but i do.

Decided to stop doing my own yardwork. I’ll pay to have more free time. I broke even on the purchase of the lawn equipment by doing it myself for a year. now i’ll come out ahead when i sell the stuff.