ok so one week doing the daily blog thing.
pretty good so far.
And I learned how to hide things from the RSS feed.
It only publishes the latest post. So if i make a bunch and check them all in at once only the last one gets sent out to the aether. Why do I want to hide things from the RSS feed? Its because of quality. Specifically a lack thereof in my posts. I’m not great at writing. Especially not this kind of writing. I’m doing it as practice so i get better but I’m not better yet. Why is my blog even on the improving blog roll-up? That’s a good question. I’ve asked twice now to have it removed but each time changed my mind as I thought of something relevant to blog about just as Daniel was about to type in the command to remove it. And of course there are the times I didn’t bother to bring it up to him. Someday I’ll be happy with the quality of content on my blog. Until then I hide posts by pushing them in bulk. Like a ninja. smokescreen.

got paid today. not as significant as when we were paycheck to paycheck, but its still nice to see the numbers go up.
Shannon is still sad about the passing of the Pixel. Probably stung when we had to pick out the text for the memorial yesterday.

Oh and i did something kind of interesting this last weekend. I registered and got a twitter @chapmanbaetzel. dunno what i’m going to do with either of them but i figure i should own my name in the digital space. Probably set up the domain to direct here. Twitter idk. I think thoughts but i don’t think they’re worthy of sharing. My opinion is not valuable. Not even to me really. I’m no expert in the field of anything. Why should my words have value in the twittersphere. Granted most of the twittersphere does not share my reluctance to posting, or else the platform would not really exist. Maybe it’s just not for me. At least I own my name on it.

Did something else today over lunch. I hung up my life in weeks calendar. But its not really a calendar. I mean it kind of is. In short, its a grid of boxes 52 by 90, each box representing 1 week of my life. Until age 90. Each box is big enough to hold a few words.
more about life in weeks is available here:

It’s almost depressing to look at my life in weeks and see all the time I haven’t utilized to do the various projects i’ve got going on. But I can’t change the past, I can only try to day to be better in the future.
I’ve been playing a fair amount of video games, which take up the time I might otherwise spend on projects.