Did not feel great this morning when i woke up. half-assed my workout. Maybe i’ll try another one later today but the check is in the box. I read its better to do something poorly than not at all. My neck is still sore from sleeping on it funny and/or i pulled it yesterday.
good news: i’m down to 215.2 lbs, which is better than my weight pre-memorial day weekend binge. Prolly break 215 if i skip lunch again today.

In other news, I figured out how to demux and alter mkv files to embed a second audio track in movies. Which means i can make rifftrax again. I say ‘make’ in that I make a single movie file with the commentary pre-synced. I don’t actually make the commentary track. But this is good, since i’ve been kind of craving the riffs. And I have a bunch of new ones to do.

We’re under budget so far this month, which is nice because we had to utilize some savings to pay for the vet bills. I’d like to put back as much as possible.

I’ve been pondering what to do about my VR system. Its an aged machine, and somewhat finicky. Sometimes it won’t boot at all. I want to build a new system, but I’d like to future-proof as much as possible, which means going relatively high-end at this point. I had thought to use my EPP to build a bitchin desktop rig and use that for VR, but that isn’t really the point of EPP, so i shan’t. Eric S had the reccomendation to get a razer laptop with an eGPU, which probably would work for both my personal machine and as the VR driver with that eGPU, but then i’d be using one machine for everything, and shannon wouldn’t be able to play anything whilst I’m working or away from home(at the office or whatever). Though I do like the idea of a docking station, I would need 3 total stations to accomodate my needs, and while the eGPU enclosure is not so prohibitively expensive as a docking station, they would all need graphics cards in them, and that is where the price gets unreasonable. So far i’ve lived with a ‘luggable’ laptop, though I never use it on my lap since it does weigh 7 pounds. And i plug into almost every port at my desk, so disconnecting and reconnecting it is a bit of a hassle. A docking station is really a big selling point of whatever my next hardware is going to be, but I’ve got a little while until i’m in the market again. I just like to plan ahead. Right now the VR system works, only lags occasionally, and we don’t use it VERY often. In fact i’ve not been out there in a week or more. I need to make a habit of playing beat saber more often, or i’m going to fall out of practice and then i won’t be able to play well enough to impress people.
Not that impressing people is the reason to play, but it was fun to do that time I brought VR to family game night. I used to say that ‘playing video games will never impress anybody’ but it seems beat saber is an exception. And also why is that the driving force behind my motivations? Do i really care if others are impressed by the things I do? As I read recently in the speed of trust, am I trying to ‘bless or impress?’