I nearly forgot to blog today.

Here I am writing at 8:30 at night. usually past my bedtime, but its a weekend and we had a late dinner.

Its because this morning I had an exciting activity. I went on a group bicycle ride with the Improving MS150 team. It might fizzle out and come to nothing, but I’d be very happy if we were able to do the MS150. I want to do it but I feel like I need to be part of a team. for a number of reasons. 1 is the support of a team in logistical matters. Another is the commitment of being part of a team. knowing i’m letting down a team when I don’t show up for practice or rides or whatever. Let’s face it I would otherwise just pedal on the trainer up in my home and that’s not the same as real riding.

I also did a bad thing. I hoppen onto craigslist and type ‘recumbent’ and I found an actionbent alum frame for $500 and a Schlitter carbon frame bike for $2200. Now I could afford either of these, but one would completely drain the savings i’ve accrued for my next big thing. I’d be commiting to making bicycling a big deal in my life.
But 2 things devlin said struck me as applying here. “It’s the only bike i would need to buy. It will hold its value relatively well.” He was talking about his $5000 carbon fiber road bike but the principles are similar. This is used so it won’t go down much in resale value than it already has. It was kind of a big deal for a while and they don’t make them anymore. I don’t imagine I will want to sell it as there are riding trails near our house. But I would feel bad getting another bicycle while shannon is stuck on her walmart-special. But she isn’t really a cyclist. She can’t keep up with us even riding ‘for fun’ speed. And she doesn’t seem willing to make a deliberate habit of working out or working on getting better. I do my tabata every (week)day. I haven’t missed it in 3 weeks. I may need to start doing a more endurance workout if i’m going to be in an endurance race. The actual tabata protocol includes a 40min 80% cardio workout once a week. It’s just harder to make the time for that. And I understand why Shannon doesn’t make the time for her own working out. Her job is on shifts and that is very draining. early or late shift she doesn’t rest well. But I’m rambling. I saw a thing that I kind of want. I’m making pros and cons of getting it. It carries an opportunity cost as well as the monetary. I won’t have that sum of money again for some time. Which reminds me of another thing devlin said to me about big purchases. “For someone like you and me its just a matter of time[to afford them]”