so I didn’t talk much about the ride yesterday. Too busy talking about a bicycle i saw on craigslist and now want. So the ride went well. Turns out that devlin and Christina are in much better shape than shannon, despite the ride they reported friday of 7.1 km in 30 minutes. I did the math and that’s an average of 9mph. Shannon rides about 8 mph, or she did. That was before her knee injury of course. She hasn’t ridden since outside of the tandem. I figured if she can do 8, she could keep up in a group at 9 mph, but Devlin pushed himself and kept up with the group on micheal(taking it easy) at 12/13 mph. I could tell it was trying on him, too. As was said yesterday many times, devlin doesn’t do anything ‘half-speed.’ I told shannon that he bought his bike on friday, he can’t be an excellent cyclist already. I guess his general physical fitness and determination added up to allow him to keep up.
I did well on the ride. But i wasn’t in much doubt of that. I’ve been doing my workouts, and i have some advantage over an upright bike being on my recumbent. Even as heavy as it is compared to the rest of them. I got up to 22 mph a few times, kept up with lead of the group on our ‘fun’ ride. I don’t feel too sore here today, the day after. I actually feel pretty good. My legs aren’t really bothering me. But I am tired. Too tired to go for another ride today.