Went for another ride yesterday afternoon. I set off right as the rain started to taper off. I got a little wet initially as the rain hadn’t fully stopped, but my phone is waterproof and i got sweaty soon enough so i basically didn’t notice. I did the whole brays bayou trail that I could. Then I turned on another trail to get my full 15 miles out, as I wanted a 30 mile total ride. And for a brief moment I was top of the leaderboard on strava. then devlin, robyn, and christina went on an evening ride and surpassed me.

It was a nice ride. though there were sections of the trail that were right on the bank of the bayou river thing with no guardrail. A wipeout would have sent me and my bike plunging into the moving water. I did not enjoy those sections.

thought about riding today several times. Try and get back on top of the leaderboard, but after 50 miles yesterday, I just don’t have the legs for it. And really, the leaderboard doesn’t matter. what matters is my own personal achievement. did i do better than myself yesterday? or last week.