I’m setting this up pre-emptively because i’m going to drive to arkansas on this day. And I’m packing up my laptop the night before.
I have now arrived. It is nice to see the family again. The drive was not so bad.

I had some thoughts on the drive about what to write.
I didnt write much about my conversation with Robyn yesterday. It will be interesting. We had a bit of a rapport already from having been trust buddies back when I was at blinds. But that rapport changed somewhat after an incident which I won’t go into here. She said it doesnt affect my job or career but Im sure it colors our interactions. It can’t not.
I never really built up a rapport with Eric, my previous supervisor(for lack of a better word). We didn’t interact very much outside of our quarterly meetings and D&D, and with him DMing the campaign, he was too busy to really interact with me one on one. If we were both playing I think that might have been different.