I finally figured out how to save the CP against a mark 5 ogre that uses the ‘charge up the middle’ attack strategy. Howitzers at the flanks. Of course if the ogre decides to flank instead of charge up the middle, this defense doesn’t really work. But that flanking maneuver by the ogre means more time to take out its treads, and potentially save the CP. And of course it required a fair amount of luck. Pretty sure the no-howitzer defense is better overall. Heavy tanks and GEVs, a pincer move front and back. The odds favor many smaller attacks instead of single large-hitting attacks. The heavy tanks are favored in this instance instead of howitzers, being two 4-strength attacks instead of 1 single 6-strength attacks of the howitzer. However this doesn’t take into account the range. The howitzer has at least one free attack against the ogre from outside of its range, and a multitude of heavy tanks cannot all hit an ogre, being of range 2. There are only 18 hexes within range 2 of a given hex. Practically it will not be possible to fill all of these hexes with heavy tanks, given craters, ridges, and the other defensive units. There are more hexes within range 8 than can be filled with howitzers given the defense budget for a mark 5 attack scenario. But the howitzers have only a defense of 1 which means a missile is guaranteed to take it out(5:1 ratio always being a kill). Heavy tanks have a defense of 3, and will therefore last longer against the ogre weapons.
I think another problem i’m having is my dice tower. I think perhaps the PLA is too slippery and dice are sliding down the spiral ramp inside it instead of tumbling. It has just a flat spiral plane instead of steps as the die tower I designed has. The tower I’m using for OGRE is just a tardis one that I found and printed.

Today’s strength is Command. My first of the ‘influencer’ category at number 16. so not really my best category. Probably explains why I don’t feel very strong in this category. People talented in Command can take over a situation and make decisions. They have presence. Not really me. I can lead when I’m put in charge, but I don’t assume authority. I won’t shoulder that mantle without being prompted to do so. I’m just too afraid of being asked ‘who put you in charge’ maybe. or I recognize leadership as the service burden which it is, and don’t want to bear the weight of it. This probably connects to why despite my position as consultant, i have not really ‘consulted.’ I show up and do what is asked of me. Despite being given advice to ‘consult’ on matters of how we should be doing what we’re doing, I just have no ideas on how to do it better. I can’t exert the influence my position grants me to because I have no ideas on which way to nudge things. I think the way we’re doing things is fine.