We painted the office room this weekend. A lovely vibrant shade of blue. There was some debate over which shade of blue to use whilst we were at home depot. I think we ended up at the right color. Even though I wanted a deeper shade. The taping job was not done amazingly, which is largely my fault. But the edging can be fixed with a small brush, and Shannon is amazing at fine detail work like that.

Today’s “strength” is Developer. I put strength in quotes because I don’t see this in myself at all. Like 0% me. Here’s what it’s about: Developers recognize and cultivate the potential in others. They spot the signs of each small improvement and derive satisfaction from evidence of progress. I doubt I would notice improvement in others if you hit me with it with a sledgehammer. I’m pretty oblivious to other people’s business. Mostly I try to leave them alone because I kind of prefer to be left alone. I realize i’m part of a team so that isn’t really possible, but I’m also the only person working on the area I’m in, and it isn’t at all interdependent on any other areas. Except for data-cy attributes being added places. But that takes so long to get done I don’t ask for it much. I probably should be more vocal about getting them but that really isn’t my way. “I can’t complain” is my canned response to ‘how are you?’ and I mean it in a way that I’m physically unable or unwilling to not that there isn’t any single thing I even could complain about. I could usually find something. This electon is really stressing me out, for example. I could complain at length about that, but I don’t. I can’t, or more accurately, I won’t. It just isn’t my way. Wow this one got really off on a tangent.