Today’s strength is Activator. I can finally say something new about this one, because I do feel reasonably empowered by this one. Of course it’s not a relationship strength, so maybe that’s why. This is an Influencer-category strength, about putting thoughts into action, which is something I do regularly. I make a plan, then I execute it. Usually, though, I wait until saturday morning, when I’ve got no constraints on my time, and I can dedicate a whole day to whatever it is. During the week I tend to mull it over, examine and plan my tasks or projects while getting my work done. So I’m not constantly turning thoughts into action, which would explain why this one is so far down the list for me.

New record low weight. 208.6 lbs. go me. I’d say the diet is working. I’m currently only eating lunch. Fasting through dinner and breakfast. I generally don’t need to eat a super amount of food for lunch. Just a regular meal and maybe a snack. And I’m working out kinda sorta sometimes. It’s just so much easier to not do that first thing in the morning. But I need to be more disciplined.