So friday evening was Improving’s drive in movie show at the office. They also did a trunk or treat thing and costume contest beforehand for the kids. I showed up early to help setup, and got a good spot for the show. Though my car is so small, i’d probably have gotten a good spot regardless. It was a fun time. I wasn’t really pining for the human interaction the way a lot of my coworkers were. I get enough interaction with the daily zoom calls and shannon living here. BUt I realize that I’m introverted and not everybody is.

Today’s strength is Significance. I’m not going to call them strengths anymore. Themes. They’re themes in the grand listing. The ones at the top are strengths. I would go back and change all the tags, but I’m lazy and that is tedious. Anyway, themes. Today is Significance. People with this one want to make a big difference. I don’t really feel any affinity here. I used to maintain a paradigm of wanting to be forgotten as soon as I’m gone. Granted this idea aligns mostly with my depression as one fewer thing keeping me around. Fewer people to miss me. But I’m over that idea now.
I suppose I want to make a difference at my client. I certainly want them to be pleased with my work. I get satisfaction from doing the job well. But I don’t choose tasks based on what will have the most significant impact. I have a list of things and I just take the next one on it. I do work independently, which is part of this theme, and the work I’m doing does have a pretty big impact, I guess. When I was not working there for a short time, they needed me back.