Today’s theme is Self-Assurance. Oh man is this a 0% for me. I’ve got imposter syndrome so bad that this might as well be last on my list of themes. I can’t make any decision without second-guessing myself. Serious weakness here. Self doubt is the opposite of self-assurance, and imposter syndrome is the practical effect of that self-doubt.
Although maybe its not 0%. Sometimes I can do things. Sometimes I make a decent impression of a functioning human being. When I get my Activator theme going and start working on a project, then I throw caution to the wind and start making decisions without a paralyzing amount of self-doubt. It’s not often that happens, but it does happen. Most recently, we painted the office walls in the house. That project was done without breaking down due to crippling self-doubt. I suppose its ups and downs like one assumses that most everybody has.
And my internet is out again. That makes the third day this week that it went out in the morning. It so far has come back in like an hour, but it still gets in the way of me working.