I did it. Aced my workout for the week. 5/5. And for the fifth time this week my internet service went out around 8AM. Monday I waited and it came back in about an hour. Tuesday I also waited and it came back in about an hour. Wednesday I called when it happened because repeated service interruptions like that is not cool. A guy came out and replaced the fiber modem device, then service returned. Thursday it went out again, and again I called it in. Another technician came round and this time replaced the router. Service returned until about 8AM today. This time when I called the automated system knew it had to send somebody. Previously the automated support thing said I had to speak to a representative about my issues. This time the connectivity test and scheduling of service was all done automatically. Modern technology. Anyway, so I had the appointment scheduled between noon and 4. I figure I could get a few hours of work done at the office and head home at noon, because the tech never arrives exactly at the start of the window. I had a phone screen to do from 11:30 to noon, but I figured I would be safe to do that then go on home and wait for the guy.
I was wrong. I’m not 5 minutes into the phone screen when I get another call. It’s the tech asking if I’m home. I say ‘no, I’m at the office, but I can get home in 15 minutes. I wasn’t expecting you until noon.’ He said that’s fine, 20 minutes away, so I beg the pardon of my phone screen interviewee and rush home to deal with the technician. I explain the myriad of connectivity problems that had been going on with and he tests a bunch of stuff then installs a brand new(only released weeks ago) router/modem in one device. Service returnes. Hopefully it stays that way for the reasonable future. I’ve had no real problems with my service until this frequent daily outage problem this week. Then I finished the interview. I felt so unproffessional having to stop in the middle and rush home like that. Not putting the best face on our company, I feel.

Today’s theme is Adaptability. People with this theme go with the flow, take life as it comes, one day at a time. I guess my little story above proves that I’ve got some of this going on. I managed to pull my fat from the fire and sort everything out in the end but things did not go as I expected they would.