Internet service went down again at 9AM. This time the tech called me at 11 for my 12-4PM appointment, so again I rushed home and barely got here before him. On this visit the technician replaced the wires going from inside my house to the box outside my house, and said a contractor will be calling at some point to come bury them.

Today’s theme is Communcation. This theme is about putting ideas into words, people with it are good conversationalists and presenters. I wonder why it is so far down my list at 31 of 34. I consider myself to be a pretty good public speaker though I don’t do it very often. My stumbling block is a lack of new and interesting things to say. I’ve given my 3d printing talk 3 times now. I’ve spoken on a number of other topics as well, but it seems like once I do it at a venue then there is no need to give it there again.