Today is friday. Day 35 of examining my themes. But there are only 34 of them. So today I will summarize what I learned by this experiment; going through all 34 of my Themes. I learned that I’ve got a big brain. I’m really good at thinking about things, strategically. Not so much on the relationship building, since those don’t appear until the back half. Influencing is also something I’m not super great at. Executing i’ve got all over the place. The problem with executing is that my thinking gets in the way. As I said yesterday, I keep thinking up awesome things to do, even in the middle of executing a project, and that adds scope, or might derail a project altogether. But it has its upsides. I think up some project with a skillset just narrowly out of my own, then I learn the new skill and get to it. That’s actually kind of a problem I have with learning new things. I can’t really focus on learning a new skill unless I have a practical application for it. ‘Form follows function’ has pretty much always been my guiding principle. The stuff I make needs to work, then I worry about it being pretty. I have a hard time 3d-printing tchotchkes or other sculpture-like items, because they serve no real function. I’ve done it on a few occasions, but its very rare.