Heated Chamber 2

Heater arrived yesterday. I got it mounted reasonably well. Not pretty but it’s secure.

Also the power cord I’m going to turn into a power cord(…) for the heater element arrived.
I don’t want to intefere with the 110V wires going to the Predator power supply, so I got a IEC320 pass-through (C14 to C15) cable and I’m going to cut it up and tap the line and neutral wires for power to my heater. The predator casing has a internal power cord going from outside the wooden case to the predator’s original power socket. I’m going to have that pass-through this cable.

Wiring done and I tried out the heated chamber. After 20 minutes it didn’t get the chamber thermistor to read over 36 degrees. Not quite what i’m looking for. I think it needs a more powerful fan. The plastic sheet right nearest the heat element got really warm. Like too warm to touch. This indicates that its radiating too much heat. I need that heat to spread around the chamber. so mor airflow. More convection spreading the heat. I’m also switching to a bare thermistor that should more quickly respond to changing temperature.