Gingerbread House

My workplace had a competition for christmas time to build and decorate a gingerbread house. We took a few liberties with that goal and made a village which included a gingerbread tower, atop which sits a dragon. The tower is a functional dice tower. One can roll a D20(or any size) down the hole in the top and it will come out the bottom.

We took the original flat sheets that were the ‘roof’ of the gingerbread house kit and cut them into about 1” squares. I thought it might be difficult to cut them, but the dremel managed it just fine.

One of the sides of the house kit was cut into an octagonal shape for the top, and then I cut a circle out of it for the dice to go through.

We completed the tower with crenelations of alternating height and stuck a red dragon miniature atop it. Shannon added vines to the tower to make it look more ‘authentic.’

The village was the result of another gingerbread house kit we purchased at walmart. It included i think 8 littler houses for making a gingerbread village with. 2 of them were damaged in the package so we didn’t use all of them.

We wrote a little story about the tower and the dragon and the little hero miniatures. I won’t reproduce it here but it was pretty neat. I learned that the writing styles of myself and shannon are very different. She thinks I’m too technical about it while I find hers to be somewhat simplistic.

In the end, they learn that the dragon is actually kris kringle, cursed to terrorize the land every year for one night, and by defeating the dragon they break the curse and free him. yay save christmas!