I wish to recant my earlier complaint about the second thumbstick on the charachorder. It seems to be for letters that are rarely used. In fact I typed this sentence using it only once. Still kinda slow. But Im getting better.
The problem is im thinking about the keypress instead of just doing it. my hands know where the letters are.
I have noticed two things the more I use the charachorder.
One, these are five way joysticks but the center press does nothing.
Two, some of the sticks are looser than others. I don’t think that I’ve been pressing it too hard, which might make the sticks get looser., but maybe I have. I do have strong hands and am used to hammering away at keys.
I am forced to wonder how many presses these sticks are good for; does it compare to the 50 million(or whatever) presses that the cherry switches in my other keyboards are rated for?

I’m still pretty slow but I’m having fun.