I’m up to 17.2 wpm on the charachorder. Using for practice now since the trigram thing I think wasn’t giving me as accurate data as far as speed goes, and I’m not quite ready for the lexical training. Or maybe I am.
As per usual, the non-words on keybr are tripping me up some but not as much as they were when I was moving at 80+ wpm in dvorak on my ergodox. I’m doing little bits of practice here and there, not more than 5-10 min or so at a time. I really should dedicate like half an hour to an hour sessions to this.
Still doing some transposition between finger and thumb. Trying to hit ‘space’ but instead hitting ‘h’ since that’s the same direction but thumb stick. Or left-right transposition. Hitting space instead of ‘r’ or ‘e’ instead of ‘t’. I’m only using the right-side space key. I think having two is confusing to me, so I’m ignoring the left side space. Which is kind of unusual, since my ergdox’s have only one spacebar between them but its on the left side. To be clear, that’s due to my mapping. They could have a space on both sides but I felt that was redundant. I chose left to have my only spacebar because its usually jump in wasd-control gaming and I the closer the brain-mapping is the less trouble I’ll have learning.