Saturday I went on my first organized group ride. It was Pedal the Prarie and I had a good time. For some definition of good time. My legs hurt a lot afterward, and I think I came down with heat exhaustion by the end of it. I managed to go about 48 miles before I really felt terrible. I noticed my heart rate was in the anerobic state of exercise so I dropped back from my group and took it easy the rest of the way to the finish. I am concerned about my ability to do 100 miles for the MS150 if I felt this way after less than 50. Perhaps if I am more diligent in eating my energy chews and drinking water.
I thought it was interesting how many recumbents were there. I counted 3 ride marshals on ‘bents. 1 using the exacty same model as me, and 2 more were on trikes.
ALso: I identified a number of areas where my long-distance riding can be improved via 3d printed doodads. #1 i need to change how my phone is mounted to my handlebars, and I need a better way to access the energy blok gels that I must consume at a rate of 6 per hour in order to continue over long distances. I have designed holder for these to keep them within easy reach on my handlebars. Then perhaps I’ll design a holder for my water hose to keep it within easy reach.