So this last week was my birthday. Despite being on the bench since the 1st and spending the whole week there, I had a nice time. don’t get me wrong, I love that the bench exists, but I don’t much like being on it. I’d rather be a useful Improver.
I took the day off but it wasn’t the best day to do so. I had an appointment I had to do and it was the maids’s scheduled day to come clean so there were things that distraced me from really relaxing.
In other news I got my license suspension sorted out with the VA DMV. That’s a kind of funny story.
So when I moved to Texas back in 2015 I got my license changed, as one does, and moved my car insurance. This of course meant that my insurance in VA was discontinued. But I guess they didn’t get the memo that I wasn’t a resident of VA anymore. In their defense I didn’t go and put that down on their website because I didn’t know I needed to. So they suspended my VA license(which I no longer had at the time, mind you) for failure to have insurance. This went on my record and sat there since 2015 but meant that when I went to renew my license here in 2021 in Texas, that black mark made them not want to do that. I didn’t know about the suspension or that it would prevent my renewall in Texas(becuase it didn’t last time I changed addresses). So now I had to go and get VA DMV to lift my suspension. Their number was so overloaded it took about a dozen calls before I could even get on hold in their system. But I finally did get to talk to a lady who told me that the fine for non-compliance was $500 and the reinstatement fee would be $145. Quite a chunk of change. But if I could prove I had insuance at the time with a document bearing a current date on it then that would suffice and I wouldn’t need to pay the fees. So I got on the horn with USAA, thinking that they’d be helpful as they usually are and provide me with said document. They got me the insurance packet from back then. Sadly this did not bear the current date on it. After a little back and forth I was about to give up and just pay, but then I got USAA to write a letter with today’s date saying I had insurance in 2015. After getting no response for 4 days after sending this letter to VA, I was about to go pay but when I called to pay and casually mentioned my tale to the lady, she decided to check on my documents “before i go take your money.” She found them to be adequate and removed the suspension. So I guess the ‘note-from-my-mom’ from USAA was good enough this time. And now it’s all taken care of, I just need to wait a few days for it to permeate the system nationally. Then I can finally go get my texas license renewwed. Not a bit too soon, as the ‘pandemic license renewal grace period’ ends on the 14th.