carbs tempt me

I’m never one to complain about free food. Living for years as a poor college student, and then for several more years as a poor millenial have tought me one thing:

Never turn down free food.

So we had a lunch meeting yesterday. Utilizing a group ordering system for everyone to get the kind of sandwich they want. I was feeling quite hungry while arranging the kind of sandwich I wanted. I do love me some meats in between halves of bread. But I’m doing no carb. Having to check the box to get myself a lettuce wrap instead of proper sandwich was very difficult. After having rationalized a good reason to eat the forbidden carbs, I preparred to proceed with my contribution to the group order. Then it asked me to input payment information. Previously these orders had all been comped by my workplace. This threw me for a loop. I went back just in case I clicked the wrong link and ended up at the non-group order system. Redoing my order, I found myself facing a payment screen again. Ok, fine. But this repeat of the decision forced me to reconsider the choice to break my promise to myself. I was cowed by the shame of my weakness and returned to the correct path. Input my information, as I had not bought a lunch for today, and then went back to work.

Then a few minutes later, I get another group order email, with a note that the previous one was cancelled and that this one would be comped. Happy to not have to pay, but now I faced the temptation again. I had to repeat my emotional rollercoaster ride through the menu ordering system and click the dreaded ‘fake sandwich’ button.
Fortunately, this time I was able to keep from thinking about it too much, and did not choose poorly even the one time.

pizza report

I have climbed back upon the wagon. the wagon here being my slow-carb diet. Not a particularly difficult wagon to ride upon.
Though the office I work in is frequently rife with so-called cheat food, I prepare and pack my lunches for the week ahead of time, and portion them sufficiently that I am not tempted overly-much.

There is more significant temptation after work as the standard evening food provided is pizza. I love pizza. Especially when it comes from the hut of pizza. Of course the local pizzeria’s artisinal pie has some greater degree of quality, I have no particular disfavor with the franchises. At least this one.

So last night at my user group, a quartet of pizzas was delivered to feed only myself and the single attendee. Temptation was also in attendance.

But I had packed a salad for dinner, and ate it. Whilst scooping the food which my food eats into my mouth, Devlin offered to do me a favor. Not exactly in those words, but he asked me to email him and tell him how much pizza I ate at my user group. Providing accountability for me in sticking to my diet. I had steeled myself to resist the delicious slab of cars, salt, and fat. But it was nice to have the extra safeguard on my willpower. Knowing i’d have to stand there and face the stink-eye if I faltered and imbibed of the forbidden fruit. I’d seen that face before.

And to my nearest recollection, it looked like this:

chopper ideas

So I’m planning to build another custom motorcycle. My previous effort was mostly successful. Though I do regret selling it, that was the right decision at the time.
Today I revisited an idea that came to be while I still had the last bike, but was unable to implement on it, because that would have require too much extensive modification.
The idea is to have steering operated by a joystick, like in an airplane. Now obviously, this will be a ground-based vehicle, so the forward-back motion is superfluous. But I had a great time hand-shifting my previous bike. I could utilize the forward-back motion of the stick to actuate the gear-shift mechanism. Now of course this design would have a number of points of failure, and one fewer mitigating element, given that my left hand would not be engaged in steering, as it would be on a dedicated throttle lever. I would likely have to make the throttle not automatically return, or else both my hands would be locked into position while moving. Having a hand able to be free is fairly important while driving a bike, as I have learned in my years riding. Helmet adjustment, zippers, and communication are all things that might require a hand off the controls, one side or the other. A throttle lock is dangerous because the bike can continue on with no rider, should I be unseated. However, I think the bucket-style seating I envision for this would would mitigate that somewhat. And I could have the throttle perhaps be normally on a spring-return, but with a toggle-able lock. The steering should have a detent at center forward-back to prevent any accidental shifting, or placing of undo stress upon the shift mechanism.


Won board game of the year, I think. Currently the obsession of my wife and I. Or if obesssion is to strong, its something we do together which I can speak about openly.
I very much enjoy this game. It cost a significant sum and I bought it at a time when I really didn’t have that kind of money to spend. The first few times I played I didn’t really understand it at all, and so played very poorly. For example: we didn’t understand how to build the attack deck(rules on page 43) and so just used the perk deck for each class we had chosen. Some did much better than others. Since then we have gotten a much firmer grasp of the rules and play correctly. Also in retrospect I can say the game was very much worth the price, and the organizer and sleeves also quite valuable.

I do not enjoy the online community for this game. #1 they refer to every class by describing the picture on the tuckbox the class comes in, or in the case of the Beast Tyrant, the “two-mini class.” This sounds infantile. And in some cases, really not far from the actual name of the class. saw = sawbones And while I acknowledge that the creator of the game has stated that the name of the class is a spoiler, I consider it to be a stupid-ass decision and will therefore ignore it. The single-player scenario guide came out some time ago, and the name of every class is plainly written at the top. If you had to collate this document together(as I did) then you’ve read every class name already.

I also take exception to the fact that every guide to this game is about “how to make my character the most badass” with no regard to the rest of the party. Its a cooperative game. One plays with 1-3 other people. Working together to beat the scenario. While the group is ostensibly a band of self-interested mercenaries, the sum of the parts is never greater than the whole if you play this way. My wife and I have only lost 1 scenario so far. I read about 50% success rate being optimistic and just shake my head. No wonder y’all can’t get anything done. You aren’t working as a team.

The doomstalker guide talks about how not a summoner he is, but if you’re playing with a Beast Tyrant, then you always have at least 1 summon in the fight that could take advantage of that summon-amping doom. If that bear takes 3 swings per turn, you just did more damage from that one doom in one turn than any other doom is capable of. The spellweaver guide mentions how the primary tactic should be held back until level 7 when you can guarantee that certain elements are out. But we unlocked elementalist when she was at level 4, and were able to get cold fire out every time through the spellweaver hand. Same thing with the sunkeeper needing that loss card to put Light element out at the end of her turn. That is not necessary when the elementalist is on field.

I read that scenario 38 was the hardest one in the main storyline quests, I assume due to an NPC moving 3 every round towards a goal, but this was very easy to corrall. Movement rules for everyone state you can’t move through enemies, so all we had to do was take position such that the enemies would block the door to that depth and we could keep the NPC locked in a room until the enemies were dead. We did this in both doorways in the scenario. Beat it first time. I’ll likely talk more about this game as we play it more. Prosperity is at level 5, so I’d estimate we’re halfway through the game. Just wanted to get these first few ideas out there.

this is my blog

Why did I make this blog?

Because I need a deliberate practice to document certain things. And basecamp is only suited to about half of the stuff that I should be writing down.

What is it?

A place where I’m gonna type and post stuff on a semi-regular basis.

Where is it?

the cloud. or something. the aether. stop asking silly questions.

how is it?

fine so far. but only the one post.

when is it?

right now. you ask a lot of questions. I didn’t expect a kind of spanish inquisition